Robin and her team made our dream wedding a reality.
We had nearly a year of planning for our big day and Robin helped us every step of the way. She even did so, all while living 1000 miles away from this Colorado couple. She has an incredible knack for being prompt, organized and professional, all while exuding kindness, patience and open-mindedness. Robin absolutely smashed the stereotypical “stressful wedding planning” mantra as she organized a checklist of necessary items. I’ll always remember the week before our big day; I was happy and calm which is a true testament to Robin’s help. Every detail was accounted for, and I don’t think I can ever thank her enough for that. Our wedding day was the best day of our lives. We were truly treated like royalty; she accommodated our needs well before we even had a chance to need them! We had drinks and hors d’oeuvres delivered to us during sunset photos and forgotten items delivered by her and her team members. Robin handled absolutely EVERY event during our big day which allowed for a fun, stress-free and memorable wedding. We loved getting a chance to work with Megan and Brandi too! We were in great hands the entire night, especially when Katie and her MOH left essential items behind. I don’t think we could ever explain how much Robin’s help meant to us. As we’ve reflected on our wedding, the most common thought has been how perfect our day was. Robin, THANK YOU for the hours of hard work you put into our dream wedding. You are the perfect Wedding Planner and deserve more credit than we could ever give you.
Lastly, to all of Robin’s clients who have upcoming weddings, please remember this: pack lint rollers, because Robin will do whatever it takes to deliver forgotten shoes…even if it means being bombarded by off-the-wall, crazy golden retrievers.
— Katie + Alex
Robin helped me create my dream wedding! She and her team are truly amazing! I can’t say enough about her… Robin is extraordinary from start to finish!
I felt comfortable from the minute I sat down with her. She’s professional, prompt, responsive, knowledgeable, patient, keeps you calm when you need it and she’s kind! Robin makes you feel as though you are planning a wedding with a close girlfriend. After all, it should be an enjoyable experience… and she makes it so! I honestly can’t even imagine what it would have been like going through the planning process not having her by my side! There are just so many details! Her knowledge of vendors, timelines and even her creative input are truly top notch!
Simply put, Robin is THE BEST!
— Caroline + Jeff
We cannot say enough amazing things about Robin and her team! Without hesitation, Robin took on a Texas couple who had a dream to get married at sunset, overlooking the beautiful waves in Laguna Beach. Robin and her team took our vision of a rustic, chic beach wedding and helped us create the most magical and incredible wedding we could ever dream of! No exaggeration, we had so many wedding guests tell us at the wedding and for months afterwards that our wedding was the most beautiful, unique, and special wedding they had ever been to! Not only did Robin execute a flawless wedding and create an enchanting outdoor pavilion ceremony overlooking the ocean, a sunset dinner underneath fairy lights by the waves, and a reception that kept guests dancing and having fun the entire night, she also was there for us every step of the planning process. She has great knowledge of the industry and her advice on every single one of our vendors was spot on. She has strong connections with so many photographers, videographers, florists, bakers, etc. and knew the perfect ones to fit our personalities and overall wedding vibe. Robin helped make everything in the process fun, easy, and memorable, which we think is one of the most important things a wedding planner can do for a couple. We cannot thank Robin enough for helping plan the most perfect wedding ever and the best day of our lives!
— Bayley + Paul
Seriously, Robin is the BEST! I planned our Laguna Beach wedding from Seattle and couldn’t have done it without Robin. I never once worried that Robin wasn’t on top of any detail, big or small. She is everything I wanted in my wedding planner - personable, reliable, proactive, calm and easy going (when I needed some calming down haha) and extremely trustworthy. I put 100% of my trust in Robin since I was planning from a distance and was honestly blown away at how beautifully everything came together on our wedding day. I always trusted Robin’s advice and her stylistic eye for the ceremony/reception and was amazed how every detail we had talked about via phone calls and emails was executed perfectly, if not better than I even imagined. Any time I needed anything or had any questions, Robin was always offering to hop on a call or would email me back so fast, it really made the planning process stress free. If you want to actually enjoy your wedding planning process and not have to worry about one single detail on your wedding day, do yourself a favor and hire Robin as your planner! It was the best wedding decision my husband and I made.
— Katie + James
After finding Robin on the California Wedding Day website, I knew I needed to give her a call. All of the pictures of weddings and events that Robin has done were STUNNING and exactly the vibe I wanted my husband and I’s wedding to be. After my first initial call and meeting with Robin, I knew she was “the one”. She listened to exactly what I wanted, (even if I couldn’t fully put it into words) and executed. Robin was professional, responsive, calming, and friendly and quickly became like family.
Robin took care of all the small details that I would have never thought of and made the planning process as seamless and easy as possible. I kept saying to myself “are we sure we aren’t missing anything” because it seemed so easy and flawless. Robin not only went above and beyond, picking up a donut wall, the donuts, napkin ribbons, etc. but drove to our venue in Malibu from Orange County multiple times with no complaint and dealt with the 100 million questions from my family. I cannot say enough good things about Robin and her team and express how much I love and adore her. From the little extras she did to make sure the tables and wedding would be unique and special, to the ribbons on the napkins, to what table linens would look best, Robin knows BEST and you should entrust her in bringing your vision to life, because she will do it bigger and better than you could have ever imagined. She made my dream wedding come to life PERFECTLY and I would choose her over and over again.
— Marisa + Rickey

Robin is extraordinary!
After seeing all the beautiful photographs in her portfolio of the weddings and events she has planned, I knew she would bring to life my wedding vision.
I interviewed quite a few wedding planners before I spoke to Robin and they were all very nice, but something was missing. The second I spoke to Robin for my consultation I KNEW I had found the perfect wedding planner.
The sheer idea of planning my wedding on my own was beyond daunting and she made me feel so at ease and so excited to enjoy every second of the journey. I was so impressed with how wonderfully creative she was at getting perfect all the details for our day; she was also so incredibly organized with budgeting and keeping me in the loop.
Michael and I decided to have a tiny intimate affair and went the styled elopement route with only 12 guests. Robin brought our romantic, elegant, and whimsical wedding to life and it was magical. She went above and beyond every step of the way and we are forever grateful.
I cannot wait to hire her again for all our future parties and celebrations. And of course, here’s hoping the next event she plans is our baby shower!!
— Daniela + Michael
Robin and her team were truly exceptional and made the process of planning our wedding and coordinating everything the day of, seamless and wonderful! My husband and I got married at the Hilton Waterfront Hotel in HB and found Robin to be very responsive, detail oriented, warm, and thorough! Alice was particularly wonderful on the day of as she was warm and professional and calm but efficient! She just made the day as special as possible and just seemed to know exactly what was needed all the time! Highly recommend them!
— Kristen + George
We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to Robin and her team. They were very professional, responsive, and detail-oriented from start to finish. We were forced to change our wedding venue at the last minute, but they handled it with ease! Additionally, on the day of the wedding, they were tasked with the difficult challenge of completing a ballroom set up in a little over an hour and not only did they execute it very efficiently, but the ballroom turned out absolutely beautiful and their attention to detail far exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Robin and her team!
— Ani + James
Robin came highly recommended and after my wedding I can see why. I knew instantly after the first conversation I had with her I that she was the right fit for us. She was always available and helped with any and everything that was needed throughout the planning process. And on the big day, amidst all the chaos she maintained a sense of peace. The memories will last a lifetime and Robin will always come to mind for ensuring that it was the best day of our lives. We are forever grateful!
— Ritu + Vineet
I can’t say enough great things about Robin. She is professional, responsive, experienced, so easy to work with, and has made planning our wedding so wonderful. She has responded to every question that I have, and understands exactly what I want and makes great suggestions. Robin knows so many local vendors that she can make the right recommendations, and is able to help you match your budget and still achieve the style you are going for. She is in tune with all of the little details that you might forget about, and will keep you on track. There is no way I could have planned our wedding without her! I would highly recommend Robin for your dream wedding! I can’t think of anyone else I would rather work with than Robin!
— Dena + Philip
After seeing the amazing job Robin did with my sister’s wedding, there was no other option for me when it came to planning my wedding. My sister and I had vastly different styles, but Robin and her team understood exactly what we were going for and designed completely unique but equally beautiful weddings for us both! I was one of those brides who knows what they like, but didn’t quite know how to put it all together. Every conversation and email with Robin put me at ease. Her creative eye and knowledge of the industry were HUGE assets to me. I had absolutely no concerns going into my wedding day and was so glad to have Robin on the scene to keep everything moving flawlessly. THANK YOU Robin and team for making my wedding a dream!
— Jennie + Grant
Robin and her staff were truly incredible leading up to and during our wedding day. I am by no means what I consider to be a “bride’s” bride, in that I seemed to have had a lot of good ideas but had trouble envisioning them enough to come up with a true theme for our big day. With Robin’s help, I was able to make decisions and have what came to be an awe inspiring, simple yet elegant, woodland theme. See - I still can’t explain it! :) BUT - without Robin and her team’s help, it never would have come together to my liking. Not to mention on the actual day!! With the help of Robin and her staff, our wedding day was smooth sailing. If there were any issues, they were taken care of without most of them even coming to my attention - THAT is so incredibly important on your wedding day! I honestly can’t thank them enough! From the first time I met with Robin to the last few moments of our reception, she and her team were there to help make our wedding day dreams a reality so all we had to think about was enjoying our friends and family! It truly was the best day made even more special with the help of Robin and her team!
— Breanne + Eric
Pick Robin for your wedding coordinator and you’re guaranteed to be in good hands. From initial contact, Robin was professional and approachable. Her eye for detail is impeccable! She ensured to hit every one of our details that we mentioned on our first meet and it was obvious to all of our guests. Even over a month after our wedding our guests are still raving about our wedding and I’m sure a lot of that is because of Robin. The day truly went off without a hitch. I wish I could replay the day of our wedding over and over as it was truly magical. It’s hard to believe people get married without a coordinator as I relied so heavily on Robin. Everything was touched by her expertise...the flowers, the linens, the desserts (donut wall), the DJ...the list goes on. Robin makes sure no stone is left unturned.
One thing that is true testimate to Robin’s character and level of professionalism is how she has handled a situation with one of our vendors. Even over a month after our wedding Robin is still there, in our corner, making communication with our photo booth guy (which by the way, was NOT her recommendation....sadly, it was our suggestion and has turned out to be our one and only regret). During our wedding, Robin had to (unfortunetly) involve the security team at Rancho Las Lomas as our photo booth attendant brought an unwelcome guest with him. This guest ended up being escorted off of the property as her attire and presence was an eye sore. You want to know when you realize you picked the BEST coordinator? When the dust settles and your able to sit back and go “holy cow, our wedding was PERFECT”. We never knew until 3 days after our wedding, that this unwelcome guest was escorted off of the property. Robin made it happen quietly and professionally, because Robin is a class act! Robin has truly gone the extra mile to ensure we are taken care of in this particular situation. If you pick Robin as your coordinator, you will not regret it.
— Christine + Danny