Sara began working for Robin after leaving the corporate world of retail marketing behind for something a bit more exciting. From a young age she has had her hand in events, from planning fundraisers for churches, designing decor for birthday parties, coordinating high-end fashion shows, even creating wedding cake masterpieces. When she is not working for Robin, Sara keeps busy running an event decor company, where she gets to merge her passion for creating with her love of events. Her attention to details, love for people, and friendly spirit will help put you at ease on your big day!

  • My favorite holiday or season is and why: One hundred percent CHRISTMAS! Peppermint hot chocolate, watching ELF a million times, singing carols, being holly jolly; it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

  • My guilty pleasure is: I am obsessed with all Bravo TV shows

  • 3 things I can’t live without: My bible, COFFEE, a sketchbook

  • The best place I’ve ever travelled: Zimbabwe, Africa

  • Beach, City or Country? Mountains!